Exercise is an important part of a long-term solution, empowering you to help yourself. A great deal of research goes into exercise for both rehabilitation and wellbeing. This is an area that Isla has a keen interest in. Isla is a certified JEMS® Movement Systems Certified Practitioner, a systematic, evidence-informed framework that explores ways of helping you move with greater ease, addressing deeply ingrained movement patterns and beliefs. JEMS ® can help you become more efficient and flowing in movement, experience less pain, breathe more easily, and improve your performance. This applies equally to tasks of daily living, in sport, or performing arts.

Isla has completed a Strength and Conditioning Course for Therapists and continues to develop her knowledge in this important area. This training ensures that you have an optimal, evidence-based programme, designed to meet your individual needs. Scott Physiotherapy uses industry-leading exercise software to help make your rehabilitation journey more effective, with videos and demonstrations available on your computer, phone, or provided in paper format.

Rehabilitation covers many areas:  pre or post-operative exercise guidance,  recovery following a fracture, injury, or pain episode.  Isla has training that is specific to all age groups and abilities, from 8-90+ and she enjoys working with children and adolescents with their specialist needs as well as those more mature in years.

Isla routinely works with school PE teachers and S&C departments and is passionate about injury prevention in youngsters, with current evidence reporting a 50% reduction in ACL injury risk in school-age children possible with improved movement and alignment control.  Strength training can lead to significant gains and injury prevention in all age groups, helping prevent falls, injuries, maintain quality of life, opening up new hobby opportunities, all of which are important no matter what your age.

Whatever your rehabilitation needs, Isla has the skills to help you reach your potential.

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